Wrike: How I Easily Cleared my Workload and Escaped to Maui

I’m so stacked with work right now.

All I could think the week before I had a plane ticket to Maui for a week. This was the first time since the founding of my start-up marketing agency that I had a randomly timed week vacation. It also happened to be busy as ever at the small company. I was nervous I’d either forget to take care of something critical before I left or be completely overwhelmed when I returned. But there was good news on the horizon.

Wrike to the Rescue


A month or so earlier we had just finished successfully integrating the project management system Wrike into our operations. Whenever your company switches project management systems it is a large undertaking and you’ve gotta dive in head first and that’s exactly what we did with Wrike. By the time it was a week before my Maui trip we were running smoothly on the new system. So now for the test: How well could I clear my schedule for a little island time?

Wow That Was Easy

I set aside a whole day for scheduling my time away and preparing by knocking out any critical tasks. What I found is that I was ready to fly out within an hour. Although I had tasks on tasks assigned to myself in Wrike it was surprisingly quick and easy to either delegate or postpone much of the work I thought I had on my plate for that week. Many of the tasks I was able to send quick status update e-mails and make a note in the task to come back next week. I think that actually made it so clients were able to not have to reach out to me while away because they knew how things were progressing. After I was done clearing my workload I proceeded to brag to my team how easy it was and how nice it was to be that organized and free to enjoy my trip.

How am I going to leave work for a week?

A question I no longer ask myself. I realize that we’ve worked hard to put systems in place to allow complete accountability even when myself or other team members are MIA. Now the only question I have is: When can I leave work again for another week? Although I do enjoy my work so don’t think I’m all vacation crazy or anything. I have a bad habit of putting vacations on the back-burner because I’m one of those ‘there is so much to do’ people. Wrike helps me with the reality of that.

Makes My Life Easier

Wrike truly makes my life easier. I’ve considered multiple times using it for my personal life and staying on track with personal commitments or simple things like laundry or framing that photo I keep meaning to. I joke about this with my co-workers and they take me seriously and completely agree to say they have thought about using Wrike to wrangle their busy personal schedules as well. As the person in charge of operations at my agency, I couldn’t be more satisfied with how the project management system is working for us and I get the same feedback from my team all the time.

Maui Was Epic

My trip to Maui turned out to be very epic. I went to the wedding of my Hawaiian friend’s sister. Local wedding. So I got the local treatment rather than the typical touristy vacation. Got to see every part of the island from the perspective of friends family who were amazing hosts. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Below is an album of scenic iPhone photos from my trip. I suggest you get a free Wrike trial so you too can escape to Maui.

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    • Raleigh Leslie
      Raleigh Leslie says:

      I’m going to have to try Bitrix24 I’ve only heard about it a few times but if you are comparing it to Wrike it’s worth a gander for sure. Not sure how I never looked it over. Thanks for the comment Sam.


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