WordPress Twenty Fourteen Theme: My 2014 Blog Theme

Wordpress Twenty Fourteen

New year, new WordPress theme on the blog. Only this year is the first year I’ve decided to use the new default WordPress theme: Twenty Fourteen. Perhaps in a mass effort to simplify my life or maybe just because the theme really is a beautiful default theme. Perhaps because the year 2014 is really all about the content which this theme delivers very well to the user I’d say. I’m less worried about customizing a child theme right now and instead focused on finding the true focus for my blog and delivering consistent quality content here. Keep reading if you’d like to find out other ways I plan on using the Twenty Fourteen theme, customizing it, and some hints at the direction of my blog.

You can see all the options and demo the Twenty Fourteen theme quickly here.

I’ll also be using this theme on private WordPress sites that my marketing agency uses to house our procedures and systems.  That will be an interesting contrast to see how the theme performs on a personal blog vs. a wiki-style site.

I only installed one plugin ‘Fourteen Colors’ to get some more ‘built-in’ color options with the theme. I went blue on the highlight color is all. The plugin made it easy to not yet have to create a child theme or add custom CSS.

The left alignment on the theme is a little unusual but I’m OK with it. Overall the information is presented in a clean and organized fashion which was my biggest concern when choosing a theme this year.

What do you think of the new theme? Make sure to check it out on mobile too. Very complimentary to the new WordPress 3.8 that came out at the same time with the new backend responsive dashboard design.

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