Stop RKHunter Warning E-mails on Media Temple DV Server

This is an issue with new Media Temple DV servers that took me a minute to find out how to disable the e-mails from being sent or change where they get sent.

Note: Do not turn these e-mails off unless you are sure that the warnings being found are not a threat and you wish to no longer be e-mailed when any warnings are found. If you are concerned about this you may also update the e-mail address these are sent to for a more appropriate contact.

Here is how to update that e-mail setting for watchdog:

The settings for RKHunter, which is functionality controlled by Plesk Watchdog, can be configured in the Plesk Panel per the instructions listed below:

1. Log into Plesk
2. Click the ‘Server’ tab
3. Click ‘Extensions’
4. Click ‘Watchdog’ on the list
5. Click the ‘Preferences’ tab
6. On this page, you can either disable scanning, disable emails alerts about the scans, or modify the email address that they’re sent to.

That’s it! A little buried but when you know where to look it’s easy.

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