Solution for WordPress Site Security, Backups & Spam Comments

The best way to protect your WordPress site is to make sure you have regular backups archived and automated that can be rapidly deployed. This way if your site gets hacked or crashes you can easily restore it from a point where everything was OK.

VaultPress WordPress Backup & Security

Vaultpress which is offered by the creators of WordPress, Automattic, is very affordable and they are the authority in the space for WordPress backup management.

I would recommend you sign up for the Backup Bundle package (Currently $9/mo or $99/year) which takes care of backups automatically that you can restore easily from if anything happens.

If you want the added security they offer the Security Bundle (Currently $29/mo or $300/year) which gives you priority access to their premium support people if anything happens along with daily security scans that look for suspicious code or malware on your server. But really if anything happened the backup bundle would allow you to easily restore to a day where the issue was not present once setup.

Akismet Comment Spam Prevention for WordPress

Both Bundles include Akismet which solves WordPress’s other biggest problem of spam comments.

If you go here:

Select Backup Bundle and purchase under your current account or create a new one.

From there get it all set up and configured using their instructions or support and you can sleep better at night :)

Thanks and let me know if you struggled with setup or if this article helped you.

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