Setup Goals in Google Analytics

It is critical to always have a least 1 conversion goal set up in Google Analytics. If you look in your Google Analytics are there currently no goals or only a contact form goal? I recommend that more than 1 conversion goal is set up and they are set up using multiple-stage funnels.

Google Analytics Conversion Goals

This is important because when website performance goes up or down based on more/less traffic you need to know how that is effecting your conversions as well. Meaning sometimes conversions can improve while traffic decreases in the instance that the lost traffic was lower quality and newer traffic is more qualified or higher quality and more likely to convert.

Suggestions for Types of Google Analytics Goals:

1. Contact Form Filled Out
2. Specific Search performed
3. Request Appointment
4. Download / Signup
5. Blog Subscribe

Setting up goals will provide the valuable data you need to be informed about how your website improvements/issues are not only affecting traffic but more importantly conversions as well.

More info and how-to from Google Support:

Set up, edit, and share Goals:

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