Identify WordPress Google Indexing Issues with a site: Search

To help with identifying Google indexing issues with a WordPress website it’s useful to try the search in Google. This will show you how Google is currently viewing and displaying any WordPress site in Google. This trick will help you root out many issues to help any WordPress site display properly in the Google search result pages.

The following video covers this process which will be explained in more detail below.

How to perform a site: query in Google

You can see in the image above how to search Google to display results from a certain website only. Simple type site: followed by the website you’d like to see how Google is indexing. This will end up displaying results as you see below:

From this point you can begin diagnosing any indexing issues that might be present in the Google search results pages. The video covers a lot of potential issues as well.

Potential issues identified by this type of search in Google

  • Duplicate Content
  • Meta Title Issues
  • Meta Description Issues
  • WordPress Permalink Settings
  • WordPress SEO Plugin Settings
  • WordPress Archive Pages – Date, Categories, Tags, Author
  • More…

This is one of the first tactics used to begin understanding how Google is currently viewing and displaying a WordPress website when trying to improve SEO. It’s easy and free to do and can lead to great actionable insights.

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