How to Hunt for Quality WordPress Developers

Finding High Quality WordPress DevelopersHave you been searching for the elusive awesome WordPress developer without luck? Do you have a simple development need or ongoing need to hire quality WordPress developers but seem to only ever find under-qualified freelancers who are unprofessional or not the right fit? Do you think all the best WordPress developers have jobs for Agencies who charge too much for you to be able to take advantage of the talent? If so, it sounds like to me that you need some help with your WordPress developer hunting skills in order to land you that prize developer you can brag about to all your colleagues when they nail your task/project.

Where to Hunt for the Best WordPress Developers

If you are just starting your search or perhaps have even been searching for some time you need to first know the best place to find a quality WordPress developer. You wouldn’t go hunting in the desert for a moose so make sure you don’t go hunting on sites like for a quality developer. Turns out, the best developers are usually hanging out in the best places for developers. Sure, oftentimes the best place for a developer might be a well-paid position at a creative agency but actually many or most developers don’t want to work for an in-house agency and prefer the freedom to choose which projects they get to spend their time on.

CodeableFreelance marketplaces, like, are a great place to go looking for the highest quality WordPress developers. These marketplaces are like watering holes for developers where they go when they have gaps in their work schedules looking to satisfy their thirst for new work. Some of these marketplaces, or watering holes, are better than others which I have explained in my other post you should read, Freelance WordPress Developer Service Marketplaces Ranked. Not only do the best WordPress developer spend time on these marketplaces but the marketplaces actually make it easy for you to try new developers and many provide quality guarantees. Normally when you work with a freelancer it’s just you and them but when a company can step in the middle and provide some level of quality assurance it makes ensuring you get a great web development service even easier.

How to Hunt for the Best WordPress Developers

If you are walking through some woods that are filled with large elk and it’s open season you are going to be in a lot of trouble when you find one but can’t shoot your bow and arrow for the life of you. So now I want to advise on how you can be prepared to present your task/project the best way to the developer for the highest chance that they’ll want to take on the work for you. So how to arm yourself with the best rifle or and skills to land that big elk.

The most important thing to remember is this is a two-way street. These high-quality freelance WordPress developers are not starving for work, they are very well fed by the demand for work. So from the very start of your contact with a new developer remember that they are evaluating your as a potential new client just as you are evaluating them as a new developer. This means that you must be careful in what you say so that you provide respect to the developer and their profession at all times. Remember also that often times when working with a freelance developer that there is no “account manager” or middle man to translate between ‘developer speak’ and ‘client-facing language’ so be sensitive to that. I wrote another post, Two Red Flags Not to Say to a Web Developer, that gives a couple examples of how clients think they are helping but really they are unknowingly disqualifying themselves as a potential new client in the eyes of the freelance developer.

The best advice I can give on how to effectively communicate with a new WordPress developer is to treat them like the expert practitioners they are. That means treat them as you would your doctor, lawyer, or accountant. This will in return get you the respect from the developer you expect. I wrote a book review on The Win Without Pitching Manifesto that describes this mentality spot on and gives you an inside look into how the best WordPress developers think about their work.

Developer Poaching

Developer PoachingI’m one of the highly regarded expert freelance WordPress developers lucky enough to work for Codeable a service marketplace platform where I get awesome new work and new clients. Sometimes though, I get contacted outside of the platform by new clients who mention they found me on there but are trying to hire me outside of the platform, this is called poaching and is strictly prohibited by Codeable who has hand-selected and time tested each of their expert developers that they guarantee satisfaction.

To give the client the benefit of the doubt they usually get a warning but I do see clients who repeatably attempt to hire multiple developers after they have been told the work must go through the agency or the service marketplace. Put yourself in the shoes of the developer, they would never want to risk losing their chance to be able to get new work/clients on the platform by allowing a client to pay them outside the platform. And if I put myself in the shoes of the client there are many benefits to hiring through an agency or service marketplace that should be valued by the client.

Recently, I had a lady who attempted to reach out to me by e-mail after she hired me on a service marketplace and asked if I could just invoice her directly instead. I warned her that wasn’t OK and also reported her to the service marketplace. Instead of just continuing the project with me through the service marketplace she went around our backs again and tried to hire one of my associates on the same service marketplace who reported it to me and the platform and that clients was banned from the marketplace and left without anyone to help her out. She wrote me a “thanks a lot for telling on me” e-mail trying to ruin my day or something which I sent her a polite response saying I warned her and then proceeded to block her e-mail address so I would never hear from her again. She was not treating me like an expert practitioner and I have zero tolerance for that especially after the fair warning I provided.

Final Advice on Quality WordPress Developer Hunting

If your budget is small then you should be upfront and understanding about that. Try sites like and you’ll have 1000’s of developers who will do the work for you for very small budgets. But also understand that the quality of work, customer service, communication, and professionalism will all reflect that.

If your budget is fair or flexible then you should have no problems when hunting for a high-quality WordPress developer if you follow my advice in this post. Again once you’ve located the developer it doesn’t end there, you must set up the project properly and define everything as upfront as possible before the worked in funded and/or started to ensure the quality you are seeking. And remember that the developer is also rating you the client and this will determine if they want to work with you again in the future and how much they care to go above and beyond to ensure your complete satisfaction. Quality developers work with many different client types and they recognize quickly who they are compatible with or not so be conscious of that.


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