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As I’ve posted about before I recently started picking up WordPress development jobs at and the other week I had a job come through to help out with the site

Upon visiting the site to understand what this fellow, Luke, needed help with exactly I realized I had stumbled across a really cool product I’d never seen before.

Meet StandStand

Normally when development jobs are posted on codeable, we as the developers, ask questions and do background research to make sure we can complete the job before estimating. In Luke’s case though he just had a pretty simple question and seemed like a pretty resourceful guy so I just pointed him to some resources that I thought might solve the problem he was having. It turns out the links I provided him seemed to be exactly what he was looking for and he was stoked.

From here I’ve pulled some snippets from Codeable so you can see what happened next:

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 8.31.30 AM
Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 8.32.00 AM
Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 8.32.44 AM

You can see another developer was also stoked on the product. Maybe he’ll get a chance to help Luke soon and get his own StandStand as trade.

And only a few days later Luke came through for me and in the mail arrived my StandStand! So amped.

Thanks Luke! Very cool packaging although I was more excited to tear it open and set it up.

My friend had recently got one of those spendy ‘sleep number’ variable height desks at his office which he was stoked about because he had been plagued with back pain and stiffness from sitting at a computer all day. So he was a huge advocate for the standing desk and I personally had to agree with him the concept behind it made sense but I wasn’t about to drop that kind of cash on a new desk.

My desk though sits below a window that while seated I can barely see out of and I live at a beach so there is a lot of high-quality people watching I’m missing. With the StandStand I can see out the window perfectly behind my screen which not only gives my posture a break but also allows me to rest my eyes by focusing on something farther away from my computer screen.

Two drawbacks to my setup with the StandStand are that 1. I lose my magic mouse and have to use my trackpad when the computer is up on the StandStand. And 2. My Dual Screen doesn’t get a lift also so I lose my ability to use that as effectively as well when the laptop is on the StandStand.

Update I heard this from Luke which is the exact solution to the problem above:

I’m currently working on StandStand Mouse and StandStand Desktop, which I hope to launch as a Kickstarter campaign in the fall. They won’t be as portable or as quick to assemble, but they would solve the mouse and the separate monitor issue. I look forward to seeing how people like them! -Luke

Annnd here is the Kickstarter for the one with mouse:

Those drawbacks though are super minor and I think the positives outweigh the negatives in this case because the StandStand is not meant to be used all day but instead when you need a break from sitting hunched over looking down at your screen. It’s also great for when I am wandering around my studio and I need to just check back on my computer when it alerts me and such… I can just walk up to it, type a response, and walk back over across my studio to my lunch or whatever else I was doing.

As a developer, I spend A TON of time hunched over on my laptop. I’m only 28 years old at time of writing this post but I have been told that when I turn 30 I will wake up sore and in pain every day. I’m not sure if that’s because I do a lot of action sports and have been broken off many a times or in combination with how much time I spend sitting at a desk in front of my laptop. Already though I can see how the StandStand helps me break the habit of sitting all day. During my first few 15 minutes sessions of standing, I could already tell how my body appreciated the change of posture.

Here is a video of Luke showing you what the StandStand is all about:

Honestly, I think the portability is rad but I wouldn’t just go set up like that in a public place and be the only one standing haha. But more power to you Luke!

Myself like many developers these days work remotely from my laptop. This is where the portability of the StandStand really comes into play. I’m kinda nomadic in that I try to spend winter in the mountains. Currently, almost everything I own can fit inside my wagon if I need to move, sorta minimalist. That’s where it makes it OK for me to own the StandStand because it is so compact I can afford to carry it with me through my seasonal moves.

The friend I mentioned earlier in this post stopped by my studio yesterday to drop off a very nice gift for me (thanks @robbbailey) and as he was walking out the door stopped in his tracks when he saw my laptop on the StandStand and said: “Whoa, what is that?!” I almost just gave it to him on the spot but I knew I had to write this blog post first. I think we’ve both caught the sickness and the only solution is MORE STANDING.

Thanks again Luke and I recommend you all go check out the StandStand:

Pro Tip: To make sure you get the right height stack some books on your desk and measure the proper height for your StandStand.
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