Enfold Designer / Developer / SEO Theme Review

Enfold Theme Review

When you go to ThemeForest looking for a premium WordPress theme it is best to start by sorting them by best selling. When you do this for the past year or two it seems the #1 theme has been Enfold. And for good reasons.

Nobody could say enough great things about the Enfold theme by Kriesi for WordPress.

I’ve been developing with the Enfold theme for over 2 years about now and currently have many of the web properties I manage running on the latest version of Enfold.

Enfold Theme Support

As a WordPress developer who has purchased many licenses from ThemeForest for the past couple of years I’ve only been buying Enfold because of the great support behind the theme. They have a searchable support forum and a very responsive team of developer moderators. Most the time I find the solution to my issue simply by going to Google and searching “enfold + whatever my issue is….” and the answer from the support forum pops right up.

I’d say Enfold is perhaps the best-supported theme I have ever used for WordPress in my over 7 years doing web development.

At the time of writing this, there is over 44,000 support topics for Enfold and all have been touched by the support team…

Enfold Support Forum

New versions of Enfold get released fairly often which is a good thing because updates have always been smooth for my sites and the updates they included have been very worth it. They are constantly improving the theme based on the support forum and their own innovations. They actually listen when other developers find improvements in the theme and implement fixes in the next version for all users of the theme. That means you have a very large team of independent developers contributing to the improvement of your theme at any given time.

Check out the improvements in their 3.0 release: http://www.kriesi.at/archives/enfold-version-3-0-bigger-better-faster

If you need to hire premium help with the Enfold theme here is where you should go: https://codeable.io/developers/enfold All the developers there are vetted and will deliver on Codeable’s quality promise. I work for Codeable and used to be one of the Enfold experts available for hire there.

Enfold Theme Design

Out of the box, the design is far beyond many other premium themes all the way down to the details. The theme’s backend options enable you to customize just about anything you’d like with little or no coding knowledge.

The Enfold theme is highly customizable using CSS too. You can use the quick CSS editor which I have input hundreds of lines of code into or at which point you might want to utilize the built-in custom.css file. This has allowed me to nail strict designer requirements when matching PSD designs with the theme. So this is a benefit for designers because the flexibility of the theme’s framework allows fewer design constraints.

The theme also has well-done layouts included in the theme’s demo content you can selectively import. That makes starting from scratch without designs a little easier because you can just replace the demo content images and copy.

Enfold Theme SEO

I used to be a huge fan of the Thesis theme for WordPress and using that theme as a framework to build upon. I did not really like the direction that theme took in the 2.0 version and that’s when I started looking for a better them to base my WordPress development on.

It was important the theme was coded well for SEO and for compatibility with plugins. The cool thing about Enfold is as I found little issues with SEO I wanted to be set differently I worked with the Enfold support team in the forum and they produced solutions for me. Solutions that they implemented fixes for in newer theme version. Very rare for premium WordPress theme support.

I have achieved better SEO results since I started using Enfold. I do not have any trackable examples to show you in particular to support that statement but I can reassure you that Enfold theme will absolutely not hurt your SEO efforts when setup correctly.

I use the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast which works great on all my Enfold sites I manage. Let me know if you need help configuring the WordPress SEO plugin specifically for your site.

Do you need Enfold SEO help or theme customization?

As a result of using the Enfold theme as the foundation for most of my website development projects over the past couple of years, I have become extremely familiar with the inner workings of the theme. If you think I can help you with your Enfold WordPress website please do not hesitate to contact me and ask.

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    • Raleigh Leslie
      Raleigh Leslie says:

      Ruben thanks for dropping by and leaving the nice comment. I hope to improve this article and write more like it on Enfold in the future as the theme just keeps getting better with time… Nice work on the SEO results also! Cheers – Raleigh

  1. aussiedropbear67
    aussiedropbear67 says:

    I came across your excellent article whilst searching the net and thought I would add my two cents.

    As a web design company in Australia, I too cannot agree more on using the Enfold theme by Kriesi. The support is second to none, the theme admin panel is intuitive and it plays well with other plugins like Yoast SEO and Woocommerce. Very easy to get things where you want them and adding custom CSS is a breeze. Another reason for choosing the theme is that it is that much easier to hand over to clients and brief them on how to edit their pages. Makes life so much easier. Heartily recommend this theme.

    • Raleigh Leslie
      Raleigh Leslie says:

      Hey John – Thanks for stopping by and dropping the kind comments.

      Sincere as they come, I still very much agree with all you’ve added here!

      Good on Kriesi and team for such wonderful works. -Raleigh :D


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