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There are thousands of hosting companies to choose from when looking for the best place to host your WordPress website. Deciding on which hosting company to choose for your WordPress site shouldn’t be taken lightly because selecting the wrong host can be problematic and costly. Asking your developer for hosting recommendations is the right thing to do because chances are they’ve worked with many of the big player in the hosting industry already and know the right fit for your needs.

As a developer myself who works with hundreds of WordPress clients per year I have certainly seen the good and bad side of some of the more popular hosting companies out there. In this post I’ve put together my top 3 recommended hosting solutions for WordPress sites. These are hosting companies that have stood the test of time and I recommend most often to my clients.


WPEngine Hosting

WordPress hosting, perfected.

WPEngine is my #1 recommendation currently if you are willing to pay slightly more than basic shared hosting (Starting at $29/mo.). They have killer support, very fast speeds, are highly secure, maintain backups for you, and are specific to WordPress.
WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting



Media Temple

Instant scaling and complete control.

If you need a fully scaleable solution and complete control over your server than Media Temple hosting is the way to go. They are not WordPress specific but their VPS pricing (Starting at $30/mo.) and performance is awesome.




Affordable, quality, shared hosting.

My own site is hosted here and has been for the last 8+ years. If you need cheap shared hosting that runs WordPress awesome then I recommend Bluehost (Starting a $3.95/mo.).

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