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Someone I had met at a networking event reached out to me and congratulated me on becoming a WordPress developer for recently. They wanted to reconnect and admitted they needed help with WordPress and wanted to chat about how Codeable works.

We connected on Skype and this is what I summarized the Codeable experience as for her from the perspective of a Codeable developer. Basics

Trying Codeable is no obligation and no risk. You can create a task and the team of hand-selected expert WordPress developers will ask questions and estimate it for free. You only pay when you decide you would like to hire a developer only once they have estimated and told you when they could start and have the job completed by.

Developers are only allowed to estimate if they are 100% sure they can complete the job for you. This means that as the client you only have the opportunity to hire a developer who has fully reviewed the requirements of your task and knows for a fact they can delight you with their work completing it. The Codeable developer’s reputation depends on it. It’s appropriate to mention 98.9% of all jobs are rated 5 out of 5 stars. If you don’t believe me about that level of quality see the reviews for yourself:

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How to try

Get Started Now on Codeable

It would be perfect to try if you have a ‘small’ job or couple tasks you’d pay $60 – $100 to just get done.  That would be an easy way to try it and about the minimum a task gets done for on Codeable. Or the minimum $50 consultation option is pretty cool because after chatting with them you get to select an expert developer to consult with you for an hour on your project/task. It’s sometimes hard for a client to know what is a ‘small’ task and in that case, I would just recommend posting on Codeable to get an estimate regardless. I believe currently the average task on Codeable is about $160-$180 or so… but there are many larger projects as well.

Developer’s estimates are averaged together and that is the number you see. Once/if you choose to hire a developer you will be prompted to securely transfer money into a no-worry escrow service where it remains safe (Codeable money-back guarantee) until the task/project is completed. Once the task is funded, both you and your chosen expert will get directed to a private workroom where you can chat, share credentials and files, all private and secure. At which point you just hit the ‘mark complete’ button and it will ask for a quick review of the developer. It goes both ways the developer is able to leave a review for you that other Codeable developers can see. Usually, these exchanges are really positive on Codeable, which creates a win-win scenario.

After explaining that much about Codeable I asked what specific questions this person who was considering trying Codeable had and here is that dialogue:

With zero coding understanding, it’s hard to know what is a $60 – $100 job. My ideas may be off. How would Codeable compare to a service that offers a number of tasks, that all take 30 min. or less for a monthly fee of $100?

So yea a service like you mention is still a great fit for some people and extremely affordable for the value they provide some WordPress users. Services such as I’m sure you’ve heard of maybe tried has a great reputation.

Codeable is a team of some of the best WordPress developers in the world so it’s more for people who want the job done right and don’t want to be told “we can’t do that” or “that’s beyond the scope of our services”.

I’ve seen some small theme design changes and fixes done for about $60 – $80 and then I’ve seen a website Photoshop (PSD) Design to theme project I would normally bid 10k+ to do that get done on codeable for only like $2500 in less than a week… So if you have website designs that need to be coded it would be smart to at least get an estimate through Codeable although you should provide your budget information accordingly.

Tip from the Top: If you have a large development project instead of creating one master job break it up into development phases or milestones and create multiple jobs. If you need help with this ask Codeable support or create a consultation job and you can select a Codeable developer who will help you scope out your jobs/milestones. That will give your project the best chance of being attractive to the right Codeable developers to finish the job quickly and efficiently.

Do you do graphics work along with WordPress stuff?

There are a handful of developers on Codeable who are very talented, some exceptional, in graphic design aside from WordPress development. I’ve reviewed the portfolio sites of many of my peer Codeable developers and have been impressed with some really professional design work showcased.

I have a mature blog that a guy locally is migrating to a genesis mobile theme. It’s been a long process and he is quite slow. What I’ll need are tweaks to make it do what I thought it would do. Also some design help. Seems like Codeable is worth a try, b/c I don’t want to piecemeal getting it right. The 2nd time.

I’ve read hundreds of the reviews left on Codeable developers and I have never seen the word ‘slow’ only ‘fast’ to describe their work. You have nothing to lose by posting your requirements on there and starting the conversation with the developers. From the sound of your project and what I’ve seen lots of developers would jump and the chance to play hero with that type of work. Also lots of genesis experts. Really doesn’t matter if you have a WordPress theme built from scratch or built on top of a theme using a layout builder or anything.

This helps…couldn’t find a complete explanation of how it worked on the site…

If you have lots of little changes you can group them in one job in Codeable or I still might actually recommend a service like WPCurve to try to knock out the little ones and then taking the bigger items to Codeable that WPCurve can’t/won’t do. But don’t think of Codeable as minimum $60 per task because often clients request a handful off little tasks as one job and the top-notch developers can knock them all out rather quickly often for under $100 too.

There is a new codeable app releasing soon I hear which is going to be even more amazing. The company has done very little marketing at all but has an insane word of mouth reputation so it’s gonna keep blowing up and getting even better.

It’s really magical how the CEO Per Esbensen hand-selects and looks after each developer like big brother status. Not to mention he has a very strong team behind him.

Are little tasks like this: clearing out 5k spam comments, getting spam plugin to work, making 404 errors go away–when new .jpegs aren’t coming up when they should?

Yes, those are all relatively small and you could group them into one task on Codeable and for that specifically I’d roughly guess the estimates would average out at around $100 or less for everything there but you could easily copy and paste that into Codeable and see for yourself too. No obligation.

Developers would jump on those tasks for you and the estimates will probably average out at about $70ish maybe because those types of tasks you mentioned are really attractive to us. Sometime though the estimate will increase as more developers chime in based on their perspective for what it will take.

Bigger types of tasks are like:

  1. Customize my woo commerce cart, checkout, product pages and backend.
  2. Need advanced custom fields setup and configured to work with my needs.
  3. Need to integrate with this third party app and have apps talk to each other and send specific strings back and fourth.

Do Codeable folks take on conversion optimization projects?

Doesn’t hurt to post the task and ask… no obligation to hire a developer. Many of the developers inherently have marketing backgrounds too and experience with UI/UX design so I would think someone would be able to help you out.

For that request I’d say it would be best for you to lay out some more details goals for the conversion optimization… trouble areas… maybe break it up into a couple smaller jobs that each focus on a few individual areas where conversion optimization could be improved. You could also post a ‘consultation task’ where for about $60 a Codeable developer might offer to help you outline what sorts of conversion optimization tasks/areas to focus on.

Is it possible to hire you outright for future projects or is it luck of the draw? Such as 99designs has 1-1 projects or something like that?

Yep. Through Codeable it’s called a preferred task. When you are first typing in your brief there is an area for preferred contractors where you can type in my name. Or bookmark this:

I’ll say there are lots of really great and talented developers here but I can provide you value the way described above by helping you with your brief. So that if I’m too busy or something I can open up the task to all contractors for you after asking you questions to get the scope nice and clear for you/them.

If I’m too busy or the task isn’t right for me I can also reach out to support for you and have them tap the shoulder of some of the more senior devs here who kill it.

I have a need to go through our cpanel on our server and delete a bunch of files we no longer use anymore – i think there a bunch of WordPress installs that are causing us problems… I would need to go through the files with someone and say – yeah delete that, keep that etc… and my hesitance to do it solo is not knowing the impact of deleting certain files… So I’d love someone with some knowledge in this area to go through it with me and help me decide what to keep – does that sound like something you’d be interested in?

Absolutely. I’d recommend a solid backup first regardless though :) We can even do hourly instead of project based on here too. Whatever is best for the job.


It’s a huge honor to be apart of that team now so I’m invested in making sure people understand how it works. I’ll update this post as I get more questions related about what using Codeable is like for a new client.

View my developer profile and reviews on Codeable:

Please share this blog post with anyone who you think could benefit from the services of Codeable and this amazing group of expert WordPress developers ready to help you.

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  1. Andrew Wilkerson
    Andrew Wilkerson says:

    Very good to read the way it all works. Thanks for writing. I used them recently for the first time and couldn’t be happier. Finally the service and guidance I’ve been looking for. Wish I knew a few years back, would have saved me many sleepless nights and wasted money.

    I will be using Codeable again in future. I’m already coming up with so many new ideas and I can’t wait to work with them on a Woo solution for my business and a whole new theme. I like how they teach me so much and make me work on tasks as well instead of just waiting for them to do it all. And they really opened my eyes to the way the hosting industry works. No wonder I’ve had such bad luck with previous hosts! WPengine now and I’ll never look back.


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