Choosing a WordPress Theme for Inbound Marketing

There is a lot to consider when choosing a theme for your WordPress website. Even more to consider when you are planning on building your inbound marketing strategy on top of it. That being said don’t be intimidated because if you follow a few pieces of advice you’ll make the best selection with ease. Follow the steps below for help with choosing a WordPress theme for inbound marketing.
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Klaviyo Viewed Product Abandonment Tracking with WooCommerce

The Klaviyo WordPress plugin does not currently work with viewed product tracking in WooCommerce out of the box. Klaviyo support provides a code but it needs to be modified to work with WooCommerce.

Below you’ll find a GIST of that custom function to be placed in your WordPress child theme’s functions file.

This will result in you being able to track and filter within your Klaviyo dashboard by users who viewed a product.

Klaviyo Viewed Product Abandonment Tracking WooCommerce

WordPress SEO Audit Checklist

The 25-item WordPress SEO Audit Self-Help Checklist is designed to make your aware of any low-hanging fruit, mitigate oversights and know where to focus when improving a website. This list is a great jumping off point to get you thinking about your WordPress SEO the right way in order to improve your website’s performance.

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Developer Recommended Hosting for WordPress

There are thousands of hosting companies to choose from when looking for the best place to host your WordPress website. Deciding on which hosting company to choose for your WordPress site shouldn’t be taken lightly because selecting the wrong host can be problematic and costly. Asking your developer for hosting recommendations is the right thing to do because chances are they’ve worked with many of the big player in the hosting industry already and know the right fit for your needs.

As a developer myself who works with hundreds of WordPress clients per year I have certainly seen the good and bad side of some of the more popular hosting companies out there. In this post I’ve put together my top 3 recommended hosting solutions for WordPress sites. These are hosting companies that have stood the test of time and I recommend most often to my clients.


WPEngine Hosting

WordPress hosting, perfected.

WPEngine is my #1 recommendation currently if you are willing to pay slightly more than basic shared hosting (Starting at $29/mo.). They have killer support, very fast speeds, are highly secure, maintain backups for you, and are specific to WordPress.
WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting



Media Temple

Instant scaling and complete control.

If you need a fully scaleable solution and complete control over your server than Media Temple hosting is the way to go. They are not WordPress specific but their VPS pricing (Starting at $30/mo.) and performance is awesome.




Affordable, quality, shared hosting.

My own site is hosted here and has been for the last 8+ years. If you need cheap shared hosting that runs WordPress awesome then I recommend Bluehost (Starting a $3.95/mo.).

Help! I’m a WordPress Developer and a Designer

There are many different types of WordPress developers out there. This article focuses on the type that professionally design websites as well as develop them.

The problem is in the process. Design should come before development but sometimes development is necessary in order to design better.

Most of my freelance work is WordPress development related. So fixing issues, PSD to WordPress, optimizing performance but as that list goes on the lines between design and development begin to get blurry.

I’m often hired because I am a developer who “has an eye for design” which is exactly why I went to school and got a degree in graphic design. But coming back to the problem is that with that statement there is inherently a problem with process. The problem is when I am asked to develop something but expected to design it while I develop it. That is not how it’s done.

The design process begins with a pencil and paper. Sketching. Web development is done with a computer. Coding. So when you try to design at the same time as you are developing you eliminate that critical component that makes for great design.

Furthermore, when you try to short-cut the design process like this it ends up costing you in the end. What ends up happening is that you invest the time into the initial development, are unhappy with the resulting design, re-invest in design and then re-develop so it costs you at least twice as much.

Customizing a high quality WordPress theme with your own content is a trend that doesn’t appear to be going away, and I actually think it’s OK. It can cut out a lot of the design and layout work and if done well can produce a high quality website for the right applications fairly efficiently. The problem though is that the process for customizing a theme is almost always done improperly and not well resulting in a half-baked website. How could that happen? Because design is an afterthought.

You select a theme because you like the design but then you pay no attention to embracing the wordcounts and layouts when switching out content with your own. So then you end up stuffing your content into a layout that was designed for different content.


3 Quick Tips for Better Inbound Marketing with WordPress

WordPress is a very capeable marketing platform. Although it was not built specifically for that purpose it is still very easily used for that purpose but you need to follow the basic principles of inbound marketing in order for that to work. Below are three tips that you can use today to improve your inbound marketing campaign on your wordpress site.
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