Can’t Add Social Media Profiles to Google Search Console

Today my live chat on my site rang with a visitor who was having issues with Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools).

He sent me this photo:


Turns out he was trying to add his social media profiles like twitter and linkedin as properties in Google Search Console which is not possible.

This site visitor was from India so there was a bit of a language gap but here is what I told him:

You will only be able to add a property to Webmaster Tools that you have control over the hosting for. So sites like linkedin and twitter you won’t be able to verify therefor you will not be able to add the to google webmaster tools.

have you seen: ?

Verification is done through your existing already connected google analytics account OR by adding a file or some code to the hosting server… which you are unable to do with linkedin and twitter for instance. So you’ll need to either have Google Analytics setup properly already or you’ll need to verify any site you want in there by placing a file on the hosting or a meta tag in the head.

He thanked me for pointing that out for him and our conversation was over. I thought I would post a quick blog in case others were having this same issue when trying to add sites they do not have control of hosting or backend access for verifying with Google Search Console.

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  1. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    I can’t figure out why this is not possible. It would seem Google Webmaster Tools would want you to add all of your social media sites, but to exclude Twitter and Facebook and the others doesn’t make any sense. Why can’t they offer an option that you can post somewhere on your social media account which only you have access to?

    • Raleigh Leslie
      Raleigh Leslie says:

      Hey Jennifer – Thanks for the comment. Typically webmaster tools is used to troubleshoot indexing and crawling issues with your website on Google. Since Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook are profile based online communities there is no need to manage your individual profile on Google Search Console.

      Google crawlers are very intelligent on how they crawl sites like Twitter and Facebook and are algorithmically programed to interpret those sites differently than your website for instance. Google knows which social profiles are associated with what websites.

      So I guess my question for you is what specific end goal are you trying to achieve by adding social profiles to Google Webmaster Tools?

  2. Crispy
    Crispy says:

    I’m not Jennifer but I have a relevant issue…

    how can I let Google know of my new business Facebook page?

    as of now, I can’t see it, even while writing the exact name on the search



    • Raleigh Leslie
      Raleigh Leslie says:

      Hey Crispy –
      Try linking to it from other sites like twitter and/or your website so that the Google Crawlers discover it sooner.

      Also have some patience, not sure how new your page is but it can take a week or more sometimes for the page to be discovered in Google.

      Thanks for the comment/question. -Raleigh

      • Jeff Brower
        Jeff Brower says:

        Unfortunately this is still the case, 5 years later. For example, the exact titles of LinkedIn articles from 2019 or 2020 still can’t be found by Google search. When I ask LinkedIn and Microsoft VPs why we can’t add a LinkedIn profile to GSCd in order to improve search results, it’s a lot of buck-passing : “it’s Google’s problem” or it’s “Microsoft’s problem”. Supposedly we control our profiles with secure log-in, profile info, and other private data, so they should fit the definition of GSC “properties”, and Squarespace and others have figured out simple ways to add GSC verification codes, so I don’t know who’s really at fault

  3. Brett Anderson
    Brett Anderson says:

    Thanks for the great article. I was about to attempt to add my Facebook page to Google Search Console. I own and operate a Armor and Shield Tech, a company that sells non-lethal personal safety devices and I want to have all my sites there.


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