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2 Red Flags Not to Say to a Web Developer

I’ll admit I’m very picky-choosy about freelance web development tasks/jobs/projects that I end up estimating and working on. Just one bad job can lead to me being unproductive for days or weeks. This unproductiveness isn’t because I get too busy from taking on a small job that turns out to take a ton of time […]

Sorry, No Calls for New Clients

My friends and associates have been laughing with (at) me about how I go about responding to new client leads who e-mail me or call my voicemail requesting me to give them a quick call. These people usually find me from my blog or through referrals and decide they need to talk to me on […]

Get Your Work Done with a StandStand Portable Standing Desk

As I’ve posted about before I recently started picking up WordPress development jobs at codeable.io and the other week I had a job come through to help out with the site https://www.standstand.com Upon visiting the site to understand what this fellow, Luke, needed help with exactly I realized I had stumbled across a really cool […]

Considering Codeable.io? Developer Q&A with New Client

How Codeable.io Works Someone I had met at a networking event reached out to me and congratulated me on becoming a WordPress developer for Codeable.io recently. They wanted to reconnect and admitted they needed help with WordPress and wanted to chat about how Codeable works. We connected on Skype and this is what I summarized […]

Enfold Designer / Developer / SEO Theme Review

When you go to ThemeForest looking for a premium WordPress theme it is best to start by sorting them by best selling. When you do this for the past year or two it seems the #1 theme has been Enfold. And for good reasons. Nobody could say enough great things about the Enfold theme by […]

Optimizing Images for Web Without Photoshop

Here are the resources I would use if I was in a pinch and didn’t have Adobe Photoshop for some strange reason. Clear any existing Meta Data embedded in an image: http://download.cnet.com/Metanull/3000-20432_4-75732772.html Free Meta Data editor for Windows: http://www.geosetter.de/en/download/ A more resourceful article than I have here: http://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/tips-tricks/optimize-images-for-your-wordpress-website Web browser based image resizing tool: http://webresizer.com/resizer/ […]

Setup Goals in Google Analytics

It is critical to always have a least 1 conversion goal set up in Google Analytics. If you look in your Google Analytics are there currently no goals or only a contact form goal? I recommend that more than 1 conversion goal is set up and they are set up using multiple-stage funnels. This is […]