3 Quick Tips for Better Inbound Marketing with WordPress

WordPress is a very capable marketing platform. Although it was not built specifically for that purpose it is still very easily used for that purpose but you need to follow the basic principles of inbound marketing in order for that to work. Below are three tips that you can use today to improve your inbound marketing campaign on your WordPress site.

Use Landing Page Best Practices on Your Offer Pages

It drives me crazy when I see business websites that direct all their visitors to their ‘Contact Us’ page. What I mean by this is that they have no offer, service, product-specific landing pages. For example on an accountants site they may have a page dedicated to bookkeeping service then at the bottom all it says is “Contact us for a consultation” which links to the contact us page with no relevant information about bookkeeping. This is an inbound marketing no-no.

You don’t need fancy marketing software to solve this problem or to make sure you are doing it the right way. You just need to create offer/service/product specific landing pages with contextual information on them and their own dedicated forms.

On these offer specific pages, you should follow landing page best practices and have one clear offer you want the user to take such as “Get a no-cost bookkeeping consultation” as an example. On this page, you’ll also want to remove the primary navigation menu and footer menu so that the user does not get distracted or click away without taking the action.

Place Contextually Relevant Call-to-Actions in Your Content

Once you have Landing Pages setup following the best practices mentioned above you’ll want to place or improve your Call-to-Action buttons on your website. These are not always buttons but can be contextual text links as well nested inside paragraphs or headings of your page content.

It’s important to have the Call-to-Action button text copy match the primary heading on the landing page so the user gets exactly what they clicked on the next page. So if we stick with the example above the Call-to-Action button on the Bookkeeping service pages should also read “Get a no-cost bookkeeping consultation” as well.

Most themes have easy shortcodes you can use to create colored buttons that will help with conversion. Otherwise, you can create graphics for this purpose in your favorite image editing software like Photoshop or Gimp. If that’s too much work just place hypertext links withing your body content linking to those pages.

Setup Google Analytics Goals and Conversion Tracking

Say for example someone searched for something on Google and landed on the example bookkeeping website. They then clicked onto the bookkeeping service page where at the bottom they are exposed to a graphical Call-to-Action offering them a no-cost bookkeeping consultation which they click and fill out the form on the Bookkeeping landing page. Now what?

The form should be unique to that offer and redirect them a ‘Thank You’ page also specific to that offer that lets them know what will happen next and provide them some free, relevant and helpful resources. But most importantly that sequence was exactly what you want your prospect to do so we want to track those visitors separately.

In Google Analytics you can very easily set up ‘Goals’ for conversion tracking. This will provide you the data about your leads that you need to improve your inbound marketing. It will tell you everything you need to know about the users who opt-in on your website. Valuable information like how they found you, what content they were exposed to of yours and/or their demographic information to name a few pieces of data.

This way you know if all your good leads are coming from Google organic search and all your poor leads are coming from Google Adwords or social media for instance you know where to invest more. Gives you the answers to the test so no more shooting in the dark.

WordPress Self-Audit Master Checklist Tool
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